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If there is one thing we love, it’s cars. Elegant, luxurious, beautiful cars. Our dedicated detailing teams will give your car the love it deserves, from timely maintenance to full on premium detailing services and upgrades.

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Make your car feel brand new with our full-service interior detailing, to make it fresh and sterile.


Leather conditioning • Anti-bacteria Steam cleaning • Full vacuum • Plastic & dashboard conditioning

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✓ Duration: 1 hours

✓ Anti-Bacteria Steam Cleaning
✓ Full interior vacuum
✓ Dashboard & Plastic shine
✓ Leather conditioning


✓ Engine Bay Detailing $50.00
✓ Leather Cleaning $20.00
✓ Anti Pest Fumigation $58.00

Surcharge for SUVs & MPVs

Compact +$30
Mid Size +$50
Large size +$100


Our luxurious maintenance packages will leave your car better than ever, with our premium detailer coatings and interior & exterior cleaning to give a luxurious feeling to your 4-wheel friend.

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✓ Duration – 1.5 Hours

✓ Exterior body wash and Claying
✓ Graphene Detailer coating
Tire Shine 
Rim care – Tar and brake dust removal

Addons $28

✓ Full interior vacuum
Interior Steam Cleaning

Addons $50

✓ Leather Conditioning
✓ Dashboard Conditioning

MPV/SUV Surcharge +$50



Pro Coating

Ceramic Coating -

Make your car look brand new! This coating will last for 3 years, protecting your car’s paint and making it look shiny & new with minimal maintenance. Ceramic coating helps reduce chemical reactions that can result in etching, water-spots and staining.

ARTDESHINE Nano Graphene New V3 Coating -

The strongest material known to man! A strong, flexible, Ultra-Durable coating that will give the highest degree of protection for 5 years!

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Ceramic Coating Package

1 Layer 3-4 Hours – $388
2 Layers 4-5 Hours – $588

3 Layers 5 Hours – $688
5 Layers 5-6 Hours – $788

  • 40% Water spot resistant
  • Exterior Claying & Chemical Wash
  • Ceramic Metal Oxide coating (3 years Coat Bonding warranty)  by Certified Installer
  • Tire Shine
  • Rim care – Tar and brake dust removal
  • Anti-Bacteria Steam Cleaning
  • Full interior vacuum
  • Leather & Dashboard conditioning

Add ons: Anti-Pest Fumigation $50, Engine Bay Detailing $50 


Artdeshine Nano Graphene V3 Coating Package

New Artdeshine Nano Graphene V3 Coating – $688 (4 hours)

2 Layers 5 Hours – $888
3 Layers 6 Hours – $1088

  • Machine Polish to remove scratches
  • Exterior Claying and Chemical Wash
  • Nano Graphene coating (3 years Coat Bonding warranty) by Certified Installer
  • Tire Shine
  • Rim wash – Tar and brake dust removal
  • Anti-Bacteria Steam Cleaning
  • Full interior vacuum
  • Leather & Dashboard conditioning
  • Windscreen Coating 

Add ons: Anti-Pest Fumigation $50, Engine Bay Detailing $50, Surcharge for SUVs & MPVs $50

Product Finishing:

  • Wet Gloss, Reflective Shine, Extremely Slick & Smooth,
    Darkens Matte Surfaces, Enhances Matte Shine, Vibrant Colours

Key Features:

  • 5 Year Durability, Rapid Water Dispersion, Ultra Hydrophobic,
    Easy Cleaning, Self Cleaning Properties, Etching Reduction,  Corrosion Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Excellent UV Resistance, Reduced Heat Retention, Enhanced Tensile Strength, Enhanced Coating Flexibility, Enhanced Durability

Paint Correction

Scratch in the paint? Swirl Marks cramping your style? Our full on paint correction service will leave your car with a showroom condition!

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✓ Duration – 2 Hours

✓ Exterior body wash and Claying
✓ Machine polish remove scratches, water spots, swirl marks
Tire Shine 
Rim care – Tar and brake dust removal


✓ Engine Bay Detailing $50
✓ Anti Pest Fumigation $50

Surcharge for SUVs & MPVs

Mid Size +$50
Large size +$100

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the right way


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What Others Are Saying

  • positive review  My car had some water marks. Arranged for a maintenance polish and my car is super shiny again. The team were very polite and the job was done professionally.

    Henry Cheng Avatar Henry Cheng
    December 19, 2021

    positive review  looking forward to come back in 6 mths for continuous maintenance of my car interior n exterior condition. thank you Nicholas n partner!

    Ibrahim Aman Avatar Ibrahim Aman
    December 15, 2021

    positive review  Fast & superb service team! Enquire about pricing & slot to do my ceramic coating for my XV, the customer svc team booked a slot for me. Changed my mind to push forward the slot & the team responded swiftly. The coating was superbly done. My car has a few water marks which cannot seem to go off even after my previous groomer tried but this team successfully removed it and my car is super shiny now! Strongly recommend them!

    Jenne Foo Avatar Jenne Foo
    December 3, 2021
  • positive review  very professional , quality of the work done is superb

    萧伟全 Avatar 萧伟全
    November 28, 2021

    positive review  professional and dedicated staff. A very well done job.

    Patrick Goh Avatar Patrick Goh
    November 17, 2021

    positive review  Excellent Results and more affordable. Dedicated staff.

    Christanto Suryadarma Avatar Christanto Suryadarma
    November 6, 2021
  • positive review  Excellent and trusted service from the team. Car is clean, looks new after the coating service.

    Howe Heng Kwek Avatar Howe Heng Kwek
    October 26, 2021

    positive review  Very good job. Mirror like shine. Will make another appointment for my other cars. Thank you

    Mohd Yusoff Avatar Mohd Yusoff
    September 28, 2021

    positive review  Very good service and professional they even managed to see the scratches and inform us about it Whole process was fast and fuss free The vehicle looked like it had a Korean facial done Thank you so much

    Janelle Que Avatar Janelle Que
    September 5, 2021
  • positive review  Just had my car done up by them. Very professional services from Ivan. The car is super clean and shiny on the exterior and interior.

    Hylien Mikka Avatar Hylien Mikka
    June 9, 2021

    positive review  Ivan came and recce the MCP for a suitable place for him to do his magic. He was very professional with his work and advices. Having a decade of experience, your car will be in good hands. Highly recommended

    Muhd Farhan Zainal Avatar Muhd Farhan Zainal
    May 31, 2021

    positive review  Ivan was prompt and helpful. A very professional job done at the convenience of my residence. The sharing of advice on maintenance of the coat also gave me much confidence after the job was done. 👍🏽

    James Sim Avatar James Sim
    May 28, 2021
  • positive review  Good job done! Personnel are friendly and willing to share their honest advice and recommendations. Price is reasonable and workmanship excellent!

    Sean Seah Avatar Sean Seah
    May 25, 2021

    positive review  Prompt in responding to my queries on WhatsApp. Ivan was professional and efficient in doing up my car even though it was in an open air car park. Fuss free. Pleased with both exterior and interior works. Looking forward to the maintenance package to keep up with the glossy exterior 🤩

    Serene Tee Avatar Serene Tee
    May 25, 2021

    positive review  I like the convenience of getting my car coated at my residence carpark. Service was good and met my expectation.

    Rique Song Avatar Rique Song
    May 20, 2021
  • positive review  Overall the job was good. But the car has some rough patches which refused to go away despite the ceramic coating. Was told by your polisher that the roughness was due to some earlier paint job on my car in which the painter did not cover the rest of the car. He recommends that I send the car for some touch up job at your place so that the rough portions can be grinded with sandpaper and resprayed. He said the cost would be minimal. Will see how it goes when I have the time to do it.

    Nasri Haron Avatar Nasri Haron
    May 14, 2021

    positive review  Very convenient when the person can come to our carpark to do the ceramic coating. I’m satisfied with the service & my car look shining until someone notice it by asking what had I done to my car. Great job👍

    Zaileha Bte Ahmad Avatar Zaileha Bte Ahmad
    May 11, 2021

    positive review  Friendly and swift response to our questions and enquiries. Accomodate to all our needs and requirements. A job well done in the ceramic coating and very satisfied with the end results.Car looks awesome and shiny! Highly recommended!

    Umi Ong Avatar Umi Ong
    May 3, 2021
  • positive review  Swift, responsive in my queries as a first time user for any coating and no frills in making an appointment for my new white car. With titanium coating done, the white car looks clean constantly, especially when my home’s an open carpark. Ivan did a good job, patient and polite to my further questions and request. He is also knowledgeable and helpful when I asked about future maintenance. Thank you.

    Cindy Koh Avatar Cindy Koh
    April 8, 2021

    positive review  Brilliant work by Ivan, very detailed and knowledgeable in the products! Definitely worth every penny.

    李俊毅 Avatar 李俊毅
    March 27, 2021

    positive review  Ivan did an awesome job in ceramic coating to our car! He explained after service in details. Good job and we're very satisfied with the result! Definitely recommended 🙂

    Muhammad Azri Avatar Muhammad Azri
    March 25, 2021
  • positive review  Good quality and detailed ceramic coating. Great service and timely service. Will do again !Highly recommended.

    Sunil Shamdasani Avatar Sunil Shamdasani
    March 19, 2021

    positive review  Wonderful job!!! My car is never this shiny for a long while. Highly recommended!

    Peterson Tan Avatar Peterson Tan
    March 12, 2021

    positive review  well done great job guys.. I am satisfied with the results

    Avtar Singh Bhullar Avatar Avtar Singh Bhullar
    March 10, 2021
  • positive review  Job well done👏👏 I'm very impressed. Highly recommended polishing company

    Vani Meya Avatar Vani Meya
    March 9, 2021

    positive review  Ivan was very professional in his job. Very well experience n definitely knows his job well. Patient n polite. Will encourage my friends to try his services. 🙏🙏🙏

    Vijayan Roy Avatar Vijayan Roy
    March 9, 2021

    positive review  Ivan did a great job on the ceramic coating on my Mazda 6. Nooks and crannies all cleaned up and engine looking new after extra detailing there.

    Paul Cheong Avatar Paul Cheong
    March 3, 2021
  • positive review  Great job done by Ivan, real professional who treated the car like his own, meticulous

    Heng Heng Choo Avatar Heng Heng Choo
    February 28, 2021

    positive review  Thanks Ivan! Very professional and good attitude. He never rush through his job and making sure the coating was done thoroughly. Very convenient service as I don't need to drive to any workshop to get the coating done!

    Andrew Ng Avatar Andrew Ng
    February 25, 2021

    positive review  Thank you Ivan for job done today. My car is very clean and very shiny now!

    Raymond Goh Avatar Raymond Goh
    February 24, 2021

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